Seniors to decorate parking lot Saturday

The Senior Class club is holding a fund-raiser which will enable 12th-grade students to decorate a parking spot of their choice Saturday beginning at 10 a.m. Those interested in participating must pay $15 to register by Friday during lunch.

The money raised will go towards reducing the price of the ticket for February’s Senior Breakfast. If the fundraiser is a success, the cost of attending Senior Breakfast will be free.

In addition, the fund-raiser allows seniors to harness their creativity and design a wildcat paw print that is painted on every parking spot. Senior Lauren Schopke is taking advantage of this opportunity to customize her parking spot.

“I think I’m going to have it crew related because I’m on the crew team,” she said.

Senior Samantha Unger is thrilled to have finally earned the privilege to lay claim to a parking spot.

“I am very excited because now no one can take my spot,” she said. “I think once you are a senior, you have worked really hard to get there and it is just a nice little perk.”

By Taylor Irwin