Seniors set stage for their next acts

As seniors in the school’s theater program begin receiving their acceptance letters from colleges, they start thinking about stage life after high school. Catherine Tenbusch is no exception.

“Personally I am not going to continue theater after high school,” she said. “I’ve always loved theater but I really see myself becoming an elementary teacher. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do. As for theater, I’ve learned so much throughout the years and can always use those lessons as I further my career.”

While Tenbusch won’t continue to pursue acting, senior Jerry Sola will head off to Florida State University to chase his dream.

“Truthfully theater is the only thing I’ve ever showed any aptitude for, as well is the only thing I’m really good at in my eyes,” Sola said.  “I’m excited to continue on with theater, and hopefully one day gain a platform to use to speak out against societal issues.”

As of now, Sola is the only senior who has decided to continue theater at the collegiate level.

By Stephanie Gaulin