Seniors design logo for former teacher

When former Spanish teacher Maria Cintron moved to North Carolina last spring, she never expected to start the Wicked Fresh Seafood Company, but after she began the endeavor, she knew who she wanted to design her logo.

“I thought of [Jim] Finch’s graphic design students because I know how talented they are,” Cintron said via email. “I especially remember them participating in other logo and promotional design projects over the years such as the Strawberry Festival.”

Cintron taught at West Shore for 10 years before taking a teaching position in North Carolina. Her new business will focus on delivering products such as fresh Maine lobster, scallops and haddock to restaurants and the general public.

Seniors Kayla Aranda and Morgan Conrad have been assigned the logo project. 

“I just like creating something new and interesting,” Aranda said. “I want her to be excited when she sees the logo. I don’t want her to be like ‘Oh, this is OK.’ I want to see her excitement when it’s all done.”

Provided with inspiration and design requirements by Cintron, Aranda and Conrad will have created, presented and revised logos for the company by the end of the week. The final product will be officially displayed on the company’s website and printed onto business cards and promotional material.

Aranda realizes the importance of the project.

“I think this project will be beneficial for the future,” Aranda said. “I’m not sure I want to start my own business yet, but I think if I decided to it would be helpful to create my own logo rather than having to hire someone to create it. And I already kind of have an understanding of the program so if I needed to use it for something else, it wouldn’t be super hard to learn. I think it would also help on my resume to show diversity in subjects so I’m not just solely a math or science person. I have a good understanding of everything.”

By Monica Castellanos