Seniors complete first stage of project papers

The first one and a half pages for the Senior Project research paper were Thursday. Senior Projects are done throughout the year and include three components: the paper, a product and portfolio and a presentation in front of a panel of judges.

A majority of seniors take the Senior Seminar class, which provides structure and direction for their projects. Before starting their papers, the seniors worked on proposals, seeking consultants and planning direction.

Senior Kevin Jones is learning how to surf, and the project has pushed him to take up the sport.

“It is weird learning a new trade,” Jones said.

He changed his research topic from off-shore oil drilling to shark poaching. To tie surfing into shark poaching Jones said, “I could die, [be] attacked by a shark, sharks could kill me.” His end product will either be a video or scrapbook.

Senior Natalie Mann has decided to build a garden with a worm-composition bin on  campus for biology students to use.

“It’s good step into introducing and building a garden,” Mann said.

Mann said that the worm composition bin is a new experience of fun and learning. The only problem Mann had with writing her one and a half pages was that she had too much information.

Her end product will be “A garden bed on school campus and worm bin,” Mann said.

The most difficult part of her project has been talking to and contacting adults. “I am excited for when I get to build my garden box,” Mann said.

By Tess Landis