Senior swimmers mull future directions



Katelyn Owl (12) practicing in the pool.

Since the swim season has ended in November, seniors have been looking at future swimming options.

“I started contacting coaches at the beginning of this school year,” senior swim co-captain Katelyn Owl said.

After talking to coaches, she found a college to attend.

“I’m verbally committed to swim at Indian River State College for the next two years,”  Owl said. “I’m hoping to get a scholarship as well.”

Senior swim co-captain Layla Auter, who also hopes to swim in college,  said she’s taking a different route.

“I plan on continuing to swim in the club field for the rest of my life,” she said. “I’m going to continue competitively swimming. Big meets helps to motivate me and push me further towards my goals.”

Auter has an objective for later in her career.

“If I improve my skills enough in the future, being a walk-on for Florida Tech would be a dream come true,” she said. 

By Alexis Clark