Senior Projects first three paragraphs due

As seniors are under way with their research paper for Senior Projects, the first three paragraphs are due Oct. 11.

“I haven’t started my paper yet,” senior Loryn Schopke said. “I think the due dates are actually ridiculous since we have two months after we finish the whole project so I think we should be able to spend more time working on it throughout the year.”

Senior Erich Heinricher, on the other hand, says he feels prepared to write the essay.

“I already have two paragraphs done and my outline is good enough so it will be easy to write the rest,” Heinricher said.

Senior Richard Klenotich says he has mixed feelings about the paper.

“Even though I am done with it, I still feel stressed out since I have maybe 12 more paragraphs to do for a paper that is 2,000 words,” Klenotich said. “ I have a quarter of that done.”

The next two pages of the paper are due Oct. 18.