Art show raises $800 for charity

Senior Liliana LeBeau hosted an art show for her Senior Project. The proceeds will be going towards the Alzheimers Association. The art show took place on Feb. 13 in the West Shore Media Center from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.

“Eighty-two people signed up to come, and that’s was more than I had ever expected,” Lebeau said.

The art show was free, but donations were accepted.

“We raised more than $800,” LeBeau said. “I had no idea the event would be so successful.”

Anyone who entered art work was be asked to pay a 1$ donation.

“Projects that involve helping others tend to do a lot better when the scores come back compared to the ones who do things based on themselves,” Senior Project coordinator Jessica Hartman said. “This project was a great way for Liliana to do something she loves to raise money for something that means so much to her.”

By Kenzie Scott