Senior class seeks donations

The senior class is limited in funds and is looking for a boost. Senior Class Sponsor Susan Woyshner is selling unique Wildcat bracelets to help raise money. The bracelets are available in the school’s workroom.

To buy a bracelet, write your name on the yellow legal pad and place a $6.00 donation in the manila envelope.

“Ms. Woyshner has a friend who makes the bracelets,” Senior Class Treasurer Sierra Purden said. “We got them at the beginning of the year to sell, and now we’re selling the extras. Any donation we could give to the school would help.”

Seniors fell into debt due to not selling all of their Grad Bash tickets. Contrary to what many people have been saying, the current junior class will not be affected by this debt or begin next year in debt themselves.

“The seniors have already paid the juniors back for Prom,” current Junior Class Sponsor Paula Ladd said. “In the past, the senior class has usually left a gift for the school, but the seniors this year don’t have enough money for that.”