Senior breakfast set for Feb. 24

As the seniors approach the end of their high-school careers, some of the annual senior festivities are just around the corner, one being senior breakfast. During the annual event, all of the senior home rooms meet up for a semiformal breakfast before school. This year, the event will be held Feb. 24 at the Suntree Country Club and will be paid by Senior Class fund-raising efforts.

“Because we officers want to put on the best breakfast we can, there was a lot of disagreement as to where we wanted to have it,” Senior Class Vice President Juan Rodriguez said. “In the end we all agreed that the Suntree Country Club was our best option, and we hope the senior class agrees.”

Secretary Alyssa S. Feliciano said the Senior Class has planned well.

“I for one want senior breakfast to be great since it’s an iconic part of senior year that is unique to West Shore,” she said. “We’ve worked six hard years for this, and I want it to be amazing.”

By Armando Santamaria