Senior boards signal project wrap-up

Senior Boards are a big part to the end of the second semester and the culmination. of the year-long  Senior Project. During the boards, seniors present their projects to a panel of six judges, which in includes teachers and members of the community.

Hannah Harris said her project didn’t go how she thought it would.

“Originally, I had planned to go to Mexico to help build a real house,” she said. “I had been emailing one of the people in charge but they didn’t respond for a while and when they finally did, they said they didn’t want people they didn’t know very well tagging along with the teams they had already created. That was sad for me because I knew I was going to have to choose a whole new project; so, I chose to build an interior design/architecture model and I’m actually really happy I chose that for my project.” 

Harris said presenting to the judges did go according to plan.

“We [the seniors]  were all in the cafeteria and they called us when the judges were ready for us,” Harris said. “Three kids went into each room to present. When everyone from our room was done, we got to leave. The judges were all very nice.” 

Harris said she plans to major in interior design and minor in business at Florida State University in the fall.

By Alysa Taylor