Semester exam schedule changes

Those expecting the usual schedule for exam week are in for a surprise. In a departure from previous years’ schedules, seventh-period exams will be given Friday, with first and second on Monday, third and fourth on Tuesday and fifth and sixth on Wednesday, beginning Dec. 16.

“In years past I enjoyed the schedule,” junior Sean Markham said. “This year my exam routine will be a lot more difficult due to the classes I am taking.” 

The freedom of Winter Break will arrive Dec. 22, but in the meantime the stress of tests looms large.

“I like the fact that because we have midterms we don’t have any homework over break,” freshman Lena Hatter said, “so then we truly get a break from school. I do feel like having to go through midterms before break makes the entire month of December very stressful, though. Kids are worrying about all these exams when really they should be wearing fuzzy socks and getting into the Christmas spirit.”  

By Cullen Yarbrough