School computers a step down from home

Senior Eve Beard uses computers at school every day, but that doesn’t mean she has to like them. 

“Absolute garbage,” she said. “My computer at home is a thousand times better than the ones I use at school.” 

As students approach midterms, they are using computers more and more. 


“I use the school laptops probably once a week,” sophomore Evan Courtney said. “They are significantly slower,  bulkier and worse overall than what I use at home” Courtney said.

Despite their opinions on the current quality of the computers, both Courtney and Beard agree they have gotten better since they arrived at the school as seventh-graders.

“They started in XP, and now they are in Windows 8 and Windows 10, which is a major improvement,” Courtney said.

Beard has a slightly more pessimistic regarding the improvement of technology.

“They went from complete garbage to better garbage,” Beard said.

Beard does however commend the technology specialist Terri Friend for her work at the school.

“Ms. Friend does a really good job at managing the computers,” Beard said. “The issue from what I can tell is a low budget for computers.” 

By Dylan O’Bryan