Scholarship targets low-income juniors

Low-income juniors looking to help finance their way to some of the nation’s best educational institutions might want to consider applying to the QuestBridge National College Match Program, a nonprofit organization that connects bright low-income students with educational and scholarship opportunities at the nation’s best colleges and universities.

Last year, the program helped more than 2,000 applicants with admissions and generous financial aid packages. Three-hundred and eighty-three of these students received scholarships covering the full cost of tuition, room and board. Applications are due Sept. 27 and are available at It is free to apply and applicants must be juniors.

“This program is great for low-income students who want to go to Ivy League schools,” guidance counselor Dina Dearmin said. “Rather than exclude expensive colleges, QuestBridge closes the gap and gives [students] more opportunities.”

The organization is affiliated with 35 colleges in the United States, consisting of both leading research universities as well as liberal arts colleges.

“[Quest Bridge] works with some really great schools,” Dearmin said. “They have partnerships with colleges like California Institute of Technology, Brown, Vanderbilt, Colombia and others.”