SADD project awaits administrative approval

The Students Against Destructive Decisions club’s upcoming top-secret project is going to require administrative approval, and members are working towards securing that now.

“They totally are on board with our goal,” club sponsor Jessica Hartman said. “We want it to be authentic and not staged. We want the reactions of the people to be real and see how they would react truly.”

The administration will have final approval on the project, but SADD Club members are working to achieve a realistic, yet safe, end product.

“We think its going to be a bad reaction,” Hartman said. “[The administration] totally understands that, and they are supportive — except that it’s going to [set up] an aggressive situation that we are not allowed to get involved in — and that’s never good,” Hartman said.

SADD Club is currently looking for a way to put safeguards all around the situation to ensure a safe environment.

By Katelyn Kent