Rowers emerging from COVID protocol

Many things have changed during the COVID-19 pandemic such as the way Space Coast Crew practices for regattas. Rowers often discuss the many ways the pandemic has affected their practices.

“Our races has been very limited,” sophomore Maggie Theodorou said.  “Without competition people are losing motivation”.

Before the pandemic, the season included many races, but because rowers must follow the CDC guidelines, races have been less frequent.

“With vaccines coming out, we have been able to do more team bonding,” Satellite High rower Catherine Thomas said.

That level of camaraderie appears to be approaching normal in the Space Coast Crew boat house and beyond.

“The pandemic gave us a chance to go to Nationals without having to qualify for regionals which had opened a new opportunity for Space Coast Crew rowers in 2021,” Theodorou said.

In the Youth Nationals, boats from Space Coast Crew were placed above 30th out of many highly ranked boats.

By Anisha Somasamudramath