Rockets swimmers make plans for nationals

A month into long course season, the Rocoa Rockets swim club recently announced its plan to attend the AAU Swimming Nationals in North Carolina on July 25-28.

Coach Kyle Berry helped plan the trip up to North Carolina.

“We are planning to take a team bus up,” Berry said. “I think all juniors should go on the trip, since we’ll be visiting a lot of colleges from here to North Carolina. Additionally, we’ll also be talking to a lot of coaches.”

Junior Jake Repperger is attending the trip because he wants to visit colleges.

“It’s going to be neat seeing all the colleges from here to North Carolina,” Repperger said. “Specifically, I’m interested in looking at some of the competitive schools like Georgia Tech or Emory.”

Unlike Repperger, junior Riley Wilkins is going to AAU Nationals to primarily compete.

“This’ll be one of my last club meets since I do not plan to swim after high-school season,” Wilkins said. “I want to win some events since the meet is kinda slower compared to most we’ve been in.”

Repperger also notes this could be one of his last meets.

“I don’t necessarily plan on swimming at a collegiate level,” Repperger said. “This swim meet could be one of my last club meets, and this’ll be my last chance at bonding with my good buddies.”

By Ben Castillo