Robotics team gears up for competition

The Lego Robotics Team is preparing for a practice competition on Nov. 22 at Sea Park Elementary School in Satellite Beach.

The competition contains two parts. The first is to design and build a robot that will automatically pick up small plastic balls, maneuver itself in front of a goal and throw the balls into it, all under time constraints to gain points. The second involves a project designed to improve education.

“In our design, our robot has three wheels, two of which have motors,” freshman Julia Travis said. It also has hooks in front of the robot to hold balls.” freshman Julia Travis said.

The robot contains many sensors to help it maneuver in front of a goal. A color sensor is underneath the robot allows it to follow a colored tape. Ultrasonic sensors located in the front and back of the robot help it avoid crashing.

“The ultrasonic sensor is really helpful because before we used it, the robot kept crashing into walls,” seventh-grader Anya J. said. “But now whenever it gets about half an inch from a wall, it does a 180 and goes in the other direction.”

The project’s educational component involves working online with Google’s ad system. The team wants to come up with a search engine that does not contain advertising.

“The team thinks that the ads easily distract the students from what they are doing online, and the team is researching on how Google’s ad system works,” Coach Angela Feldbush said. “They are also looking for a search engine that is more friendly towards kids.”

By Rohan Patel