Responsibilities of SGA, Senior Class vary

As officers were elected for Student Government and Senior Class, the question over what responsibilities each group is in charge of arose. During the past elections, many people had information on posters that did not exactly correspond for whichever office they were running for. Each of these associations would tend to be blamed for a mistake that the other made.

“The Student Government Association is in charge of something completely opposite from the Senior Class,” Vice President Michelle Maldonado said. “Student Government is in charge of all the pep rallies that take place on campus as well as homecoming and teacher appreciation week.”

Unlike the Student Government, Senior Class is in charge of anything and everything that has to deal with senior year.

“The Senior Class has to make sure that there is enough money to leave a gift to school after we graduate,” Communications Officer Darshan Ghayal said. “We also have to raise money for graduation, senior breakfast and grad bash.”