Registration for Eastern Florida requires ACT scores

Walk-in registration for the fall semester at Eastern Florida began this Monday. Many students were surprised when advisers asked for their ACT scores. The scores are required mostly for students registering for math and science courses, and they are needed to determine whether certain prerequisites must be taken before more advanced courses.

Advisers will only accept original copies of the scores and it is causing uncertainty among students who only have the one copy that was sent in the mail.

“I wasn’t expecting them to ask for my ACT scores, but luckily I had them in my car,” junior Kayla Stevens said. “I was annoyed that they didn’t make me a copy to keep though. It seems like an important thing I should have for myself.”

There are other ways, however, to get the scores to the college without giving up your only hard copy. Junior Marissa Patel contacted the head of the math department and relayed her scores via email.

“It’s another option, it just takes longer,” junior Hana Bilicki said. “I gave them the score report I got in the mail and they made me a copy to keep. It just depends on which adviser you get.”