Refined security measures beef up requirements

In the current atmosphere of heightened awareness, visitors are now strictly required to sign into the front office and tell someone in attendance where they are going. According to attendance officer Elaine Lawson, the security measures have not been altered too much.

“The new security measures are pretty much the same,” Lawson said. “Visitors are required to sign in, and say the location of where they are going so that I can contact the teacher. Most people are going to guidance, and we do not have enough staff to escort visitors to where they are going.”

School resource officer Chuck Landmesser believes that the new security measures will benefit the school by ensuring safety.

“The new security measures are a step in the right direction when considering the violence that has happened at other schools,” Landmesser said. “Especially because of what happened at Connecticut we need to provide a safer environment and monitor who goes in and out of the school,”

Landmesser says that these new security measures should help prevent violence. While overall things haven’t changed that much, Lawson has to make some changes due to the new security measures.

“I have to pay more attention to who signs in and ask where the visitors are going to contact the teachers,” Lawson said, talking about the things she needs to change due to the new safety measures.