Puppy Bowl makes for super Sunday

Approximately 111.9 million people watched the Super Bowl on Sunday, and perhaps surprisingly, 10 million people watched the Puppy Bowl.  

So what’s the fascination with canine competition?

“Well personally, I think the puppy bowl is way more interesting [than the Super Bowl],” sophomore Olivia Webb said. “Who wants to see a bunch of masked people tackling each other? Puppies tackling each other and tearing apart toys catches my attention more.”

Junior Jasmine expressed regret about missing this year’s Puppy Bowl.

“I totally forgot about it,” she said. “I watched the Super Bowl over the puppy bowl only because I completely forgot. Like, I didn’t see any commercials for it. I must’ve been watching the wrong stations.”

New England Patriots fan Avery Kloeppel said the choice between watching the two events was simple.

“Puppies are cute and all,” she said. “but I mean take a look at Tom Brady. I’d watch him over puppies all day. Maybe next year they can do a Puppy Bowl with him as the host. Then maybe I’d watch it.  But being real, the Super Bowl is actually more entertaining. The Puppy Bowl has too many commercials and seems a little kiddish.”

By Matthew Senft-Greenberg