Preparation for upcoming AP exams intensifies


With Advanced Placement testing just months away, students are starting to feel the pressure.

“I expect what happens every year,” Testing Coordinator Rebecca Matoska said. “The nervous and anxious students are over-preparing for the AP exams, and then relaxing once the testing day is over.”

So what can students do to prepare for the AP tests?

“[Students] can start getting the Princeton Review books for their course,” sophomore Arabella Belcher said. “They can also start researching topics that are hard to understand in a unit from the past. And lastly, practice tests. These will help the most.”

When it comes to the scores, Matoska is confident.

“I expect the standard at West Shore for the tests [results],” Matoska said. “Teachers work day and night to prepare their students to get a 5 on the exam. The students have to put in the effort.”

But what about students who don’t seem to prepare well for the AP exams?

“I have no idea why a student wouldn’t prepare,” Belcher said. “Preparing is key to passing.”

Whether it’s through books, research or practice tests, students who are determined to do their best likely will get the scores they deserve.

“In the end it’s about showing that you mastered your course and you are ready to advance,” Matoska said.

By Sophia Fetouh