Player hopes community game transitions to high school

Hayden Bramel (10) has decided to try out for the basketball team after playing out-of-school for multiple years. 

“After playing at the Palm Bay Community Center with my friends, I’m excited to play actual games with the West Shore team,” Bramel said. 

New and old teammates play together during conditioning in three teams of five players to prepare for Monday’s tryouts. 

Returning player Charley Pavlick (10) has been conditioning with Bramel after school. 

“The fact that he has practiced for years before trying out is already a good way to start the season,” Pavlick said. 

Pavlick shares some important advice for Bramel and any new players about to try out.

“Play with confidence,” he said. “If you don’t make it this year, play until tryouts next year. Don’t give up.” 

Bramel has been thinking about how playing for a team will benefit his game.

“Since there are experienced people on the team it would help me learn new skills,” he said. “Also, having a coach would teach me ways to make my playing better. Being able to play for the team would be a great experience and I’m looking forward to tryouts and hopefully the whole season.” 

By Angela Maley