Plans for proposed concession stand in early stages

Discussion regarding plans to build a concession stand/ticket booth on campus remain in the early stages and must be approved by the Brevard County School Board the school board before anything happens. 

“[The plan] still has to clear a lot,” Assistant Principal Catherine Halbuer said. “I haven’t even seen designs for the building yet.” 

Cost is also still being discussed. West Shore would need to pay for 20 percent of the price, while the Capital Plan would pay for the remaining amount. The current estimated price for the school to pay is $40,000 which does not include the cost of the equipment needed inside. 

The cost to build a similar stand recently built at Merritt Island High School was approximately $200,000. Part of the cost included the need to build bathrooms as well. However, West Shore wouldn’t need that feature because portable bathrooms already exist nearby.

“I think we will have more opportunities to raise funds,” Halbuer said. “We would be able to have concessions as well.”

However, there are some issues regarding where the proposed facility would be located. Halbuer said that if it is connected to the gym building, the codes of the entire gym will need to be updated to current standards. 

Concessions currently are sold from a table during basketball games.Melanie Richardson, chemistry and orchestra teacher, has worked at the current stand for basketball games, which is currently a table with two fold out chairs. 

“Right now selling tickets is very manageable,” said teacher Melanie Richardson, who works the concession table. “But if we were to host districts, it could be quite crazy.”

One issue that building the booth might resolve would be a sense of security with the money. Currently, School Resource Officer Valerie Butler and other administrators patrol the area in case something were to happen. 

“Once there is a concession stand, the money would not be visible, and could be safely kept inside,” Richardson said. 

By Braeden Langenderfer