Plans for International Fiesta in the works

Senior Molly Luu takes on many tasks in her daily life. She is vice president of Spanish Honor Society, co-editor in chief of the yearbook, class officer and an employee at Chipotle.

“I think most of the clubs I do during school time so it’s not like I’m spending like a lot of my extra time doing it,” Luu said.

Luu works alongside with Ally Vernich, the president of Spanish Honor Society, to organize meetings for the club and discuss what to cover.

“We talk to [club sponsor Luis] Martin about fund-raisers and events we’re going to do [and then] talk to [Assistant Principal Catherine] Halbeur about it,” Luu said.

Spanish Honor Society hasn’t had meetings since last month’s induction ceremony, but it plans on having International Fiesta Night sometime in March, according to Luu.

“This year what we’re planning on doing is like reaching out to Latin Club and French Honor Society to do a real international fiesta not just the Spanish countries,” Luu said.

According to Luu, attendance to the event has been low in recent years. She hopes to have more success at International Fiesta Night and copy what Stone Middle School has done in previous years.

“My Spanish teacher there [at Stone Middle School], she had international fiesta night and in her classes she would assign every student a country,” Luu said. “We will bring food and do like a flag or something. There was dancing, there was music. It was really fun.”

By Tyanna Jeter