Physics teachers moving on

Physics teachers John and Cinsy Krehbiel have decided to step away from teaching and return to the high-tech world.

“We’ve already known him for four years so, it’s going to suck having to get to know a new homeroom teacher for the remaining two years. It definitely defeats the purpose of having the same homeroom teacher every year,” sophomore Kerrianna Jadunandan said. “As far as physics,  I’d hate to get another teacher who doesn’t really know how to teach.”

But for some students it is not necessarily a shock that they will be getting a new homeroom teacher.

“I am sad because we are finally getting used to having Mrs. Krehbiel as a homeroom teacher, but at the same time I am happy for her because she is getting to do what she wants to as far as her job decisions,” sophomore Kishan Ghayal said. ” I’m sure it won’t be too hard making the adjustment considering we have had four home-room teacher switches since seventh grade. We started out with Clark, then we got Mead, then Troutman and then Mrs. Krehbiel.

By Ahjaney Friar