Physics begins drone for competition

Joseph Estevez’s physics club plans to participate in the Innovation Games, a competition for racing aquatic drones. The club will start thinking of main ideas for the construction and build of the drone at their next meeting, which is set for Wednesday.

“We already have a model of the sea perch drone, which is an underwater submersible drone that the kids can control,” Estevez said. 

Though the club already has this model, it will be used more as a base for construction. There are many adjustments that must be made to their drone for it to race well in the competition and place highly. Club members have agreed that their main focus should be on the size and shape of the drone because this will have an impact on the drone’s speed and performance.

“We need to modify [the sea perch drone model] so that it moves through the water more quickly and experiences less resistance as it goes through the water,” Estevez said. “We should place well in the competition. As long as we can get the overall size of the vehicle to be as small as possible and we can maximize our motor size and battery power to the maximum limit that the competition allows, I think we will do really well.”

By Alexandria Wright