Parents express views on campus safety

Since the Parkland shooting Feb. 14, schools across the nation have made security a top priority.  While students and government officials have been very active in voicing their opinion, parents have their own opinions on campus safety.  Carrie Bailly, parent of 8th grader Sophia B. thinks there is room for improvement.

“[M]y child is more safe at West Shore than she was last year because they have a single point entry and more closely monitor who is getting on campus,” Bailly said.  “I still feel, however, that someone who intends to do harm to the students has more than enough opportunity to enter the campus with a concealed weapon and take action if they are motivated to.”

Kris Boyer, parent of sophomore Zoe Boyer and senior Joshua Boyer disagrees.

“I have seen the changes in protocol and in the school grounds throughout the years,” Boyer said.  “The staff continues to do what they can to foster a safe environment for our children as well as everyone on campus.”

Meadowlane Elementary School teacher Ashley Kohlstedt, parent of senior Max Kohlstedt agrees with Boyer.

“Being an educator for Brevard Public Schools, I know each school is upgrading their security,” Kohlstedt said.  “Before Feb.14, 2018, schools were trained with proper plans and procedures to implement in case of any emergency.  Since the tragedy in Parkland, each campus has collaborated with law enforcement and school leaders to improve the plans that were in place.  I feel West Shore has done what they can to prepare staff and students for a dangerous situation.”

By Ben Nielsen