Pandemic provides upside for environment

Within all of the negatives associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s a silver lining. The environment has started to replenish itself because people have been kept indoors and out of harm’s way.

Luke Marzano (11), co-founder of Global Sustainability Group gives insight on the revamping of the environment.

“The ozone’s being restored, animal populations are growing once more, waterways have started to become cleaner and animals are reclaiming their land,” Marzano said.

NASA discovered that the ozone is making its way to recovery, which the epidemic has helped by resulting in less carbon emitting activities such as the use of automobiles, planes and the production of meat. Waterways are also becoming cleaner with less people outside littering or adding pesticides.

“I’ve noticed a difference when I was boating in the Indian River Lagoon,” Ethan Wilder (10) said. “It was a lot clearer and there’s been more marine life recently.” 

Many people have started to go green during this pandemic by limiting their use of automobiles and  plastics and by eating more organic foods.

“I’ve decreased my carbon footprint because I haven’t been able to drive as much since quarantine,” Wilder said. “Another thing I’m limiting during the epidemic is eating out, so I’ve used less plastic.”

By Jessica Marzano