‘Overwatch’ hero sparks controversy

“Overwatch,” a first-person shooter game by Blizzard, has been a sensation for the past year. Its latest hero, Brigitte, has received lots of attention.

“She’s pretty wack [I’m] not going to lie,” sophomore Nicole Weaver said. “They made her to fix dive comp but they made her to where she has very little counters. Upping the time on her shield bash was a good move, but it still out times other abilities that could counter her.” 

Brigitte is a support hero who helps her team with a combination of heals, a shield and knocking away enemies.

“She is very strong, does too many things and is good at all of them,” sophomore Emmanuel Paterakis said. “She can heal her backline, protect her carries, tank damage, dive their backline, smack their tanks down, deal with flankers, knock people off point … just too many things.”

Brigitte is sure to bring diversity to the support category, which previously had mostly healers.

By Jordi Souto