Orchestra’s Chipotle fundraiser fails to impress

On Jan. 13 the chamber orchestra held a fundraiser at Chipotle to raise money for upcoming festivals and assessments. Despite the growing popularity of Chipotle, the orchestra was only able to collect $227, even though 50 percent of the proceeds from that evening went to the orchestra.

“I was a little upset that not many people put in an effort to the fundraiser,” cellist Megan Turingan said. “I expected more money to be raised.”

The money was mainly to help lower the cost for an upcoming festival at Disney.

“The turnout was a little underwhelming, but it was by no means a failure,” violist Samuel Niemeier said. “The funds go towards the orchestra program, and Chipotle was a potential alternative to simply paying more things. It wasn’t a matter of publicity more than just the plain turnout of supporters, which was less than expected.”

Orchestra conductor Maureen Fallon is currently putting together another fundraiser, most likely at Long Doggers.

By Jonah Hinebaugh