Orchestra gears up for winter concert

All orchestra students will go to Eau Gallie High School to perform in their winter concert Dec. 3.

“My favorite [song] is probably ‘Rock You Merry Gentlemen,'” cellist Samuel Mikhail said. “I like the theme of the music, and because we’re playing a similar song in Jazz Band, so it kind of ties in.”

Students from Advanced orchestra will also be playing “Happy Holiday/White Christmas,” “Hallelujah Chorus” and “Spring from The Four Seasons” by Vivaldi.

“I like ‘Happy Holidays,'” violinist Moses Chavez-Gray, a sophomore, said. “It has a swing towards the end that makes it speed up. It’s a little different from the beginning and still sounds nice.”

Students are also able to play in quartets or duets in between the transition of orchestras.

“We were thinking about doing a jazz version of ‘Walking in a Winter Wonderland,'” Mikhail said.

The concert is being held at Eau Gallie because the West Shore auditorium lacks space.

“I’m very excited to perform,” Chavez-Gray said. “We’ve been practicing these since the end of September, and it’ll be nice to actually perform after practicing them for so long.”

Orchestra students will also perform another concert in the spring.

By Jonah Hinebaugh

decent quality but content needs some reworking because ti doesn’t flow very well. quotes aren’t bad but should be more about playing at Eau Gallie, since that should be the focus of the story