NHS plans for student-faculty game

Buyouts are back — albeit on a limited basis — and no one could be happier than National Honor Society sponsor Melissa Henderson.

“Now that buyouts are allowed, National Honor Society is hoping to put on a student-faculty basketball by out the day before Thanksgiving break,” said Henderson, whose organization had counted on the event as a primary fund-raiser before school auditors cracked down on selling tickets for events held during the school day in April 2012.

A new reinterpretation of the policy allows each school to hold a maximum of two buyouts each year. The last student-faculty game,  a volleyball match held in November 2011, was a departure from the traditional basketball game which was halted due to teacher injuries.

National Honor Society events will not be limited to the buyout.

“We are going to be doing a lot of projects to benefit the school community such as teacher-janitor appreciation days as well as other activities we will be scheduling later in the year,” NHS President Ilana Krause said

NHS member Erin Sheridan recommends that anyone who meets the requirements should consider joining the organization.

“NHS not only looks great on college applications, but I also like to see us giving back to the community,” she said. “It’s fun to be involved with the school.”