Weight of words

Jonah Hinebaugh, Entertainment Editor

Taking place on Thursday, September 10, West Shore Troupe 6034 will perform a musical entitled “The Weight of Words” at the Brevard County School Board in Viera, bringing attention to the ongoing problem of bullying. They will perform in front of guidance counselors from different schools in the county.

“I think it is a great idea to help promote the declination of bullying in school,” junior Jenna Bratman said. “It is a little cheesy [at times] but it gets its point across.”

The show will be performed on three separate occasions throughout the first semester.

“Well, I wasn’t in the show last year,” senior Gabrielle McKessey said, “but when the seniors graduated and [Mrs.]Fallon said she needed people to step up, I had to. I think it’s amazing that 14-18 year-olds wrote this and actually care about bullying and whats going on in the world, like more people should.”

The show was written by students from Nova High School with help from the Lovewell Institute for the Creative Arts.