Sophomores kick off new year

Chloe Lemstrom lines up to the plate. A kickball rolls to her. She kicks the ball as hard as she can and runs without stopping. The ball bounces off an opponent’s chest, and Lemstrom lands on first base safe. Homeroom kickball has been going on since December, but her homeroom hadn’t been able to play until Jan. 19.

“It’s kind of fun for the people playing, but it’s not that fun for everyone watching,” Lemstrom said. “The teams aren’t always that fair since some people are in gifted homeroom so there are people who don’t focus on sports as much.”

For Lemstrom, it’s all about the game, but every Friday during homeroom sophomore Maddie Brownlie walks to the benches, sits down and jokes with her friends. She said she likes kickball for watching her friends play, and for talking with her friends.

“The thought of playing kickball is original and fun, even though I don’t enjoy playing myself,” she said. “Watching is fun, and seeing all my friends compete is very entertaining.” 

By Matt Kish