Falling for Blue Ribbon Day


Matt Kish

John Luu falls down while participating in a three-legged race with Anna Wilder, during the National Blue Ribbon Day

Matt Kish

Sophomore John Luu lined up on the field. His right foot was tied up to his friend, senior Anna Wilder’s left with a blue cloth. He wore pants that day with a button-up shirt. As they hobbled into place the referee started counting down. They were ready to race.

That was when things came tumbling down for Luu.

“The three-legged race was one of the funniest moments of the day for me,” he said. “Anna Wilder persuaded me to run it with her. We originally had a plan to run in an organized pattern but she decided to ignore the plan and start sprinting, so now I have a grass stain on my pants because of her.”

The three-legged race was just one of the many activities during Blue Ribbon Day on Feb. 8. Sophomore Danyol Goldberg spent most of his time watching a movie and hanging out with friends.

“I liked playing games with my friends,” Goldberg said. “The movie was interesting and I liked just sitting in the air conditioning joking with my friends and not worrying about class or anything.”

By Matt Kish