Dual-enrollment deadline approaching

The deadline to register for classes at Eastern Florida State College is April 30. All necessary material, including the application, official transcripts, orientation and tests, must be completed.

Students have various reasons for taking advantage of dual-enrollment.

“Dual-enrolling has really helped me,” sophomore Ethan Money said. “The classes there are easier than AP classes, but I can still earn college credit.”

For some, earning college credit is a financial plan.

“I’m trying to get my AA degree before I finish high school so my parents don’t have to spend as much money for me when I go to college,” freshman Austin Howard said. “I can’t afford to miss the deadline.”

Students interested in taking college classes should take notice of the new rules put in place this year. There is a $50 fee to drop and add classes. If a class is dropped after the five-day period to drop and add classes, students can’t register for that class again while dual-enrolled.

Students who miss the deadline will not be able to take classes at EFSC. The paperwork to attend EFSC is in guidance.

By Evan Lanier