Dress code changes at Florida high school has students worried that West Shore is next

Dress code is a hot topic at every school, and it is sparking some policy changes on Florida’s west coast. Two years ago, St. Petersburg High amped up the enforcement of the existing county dress code which bans strappy tops, sheer shirts, and shorts and skirts falling above mid-thigh. This school year, administrators at St. Pete plan to take it a step further and adopt a new dress code mandating students to wear either solid-colored polo shirts or shirts from school-sponsored clubs, and prohibiting any dresses or skirts.

These alterations being implemented just over the pond have got West Shore students wondering if they could be next. However, Assistant Principal Robert Farrell assures that they will not.

“I don’t want uniforms,” Farrell said. “I’m a proponent of them in the right situations and they do have a place, but I’m not going to try to bring uniforms into West Shore.”

Even if the administrators at West Shore wanted to go as far as enforcing uniforms, they would need further approval to actually make it happen.

“It would have to be school board approved,” Farrell said. “I don’t see it happening in Brevard County; I don’t think it’s necessary.”