New teacher ignites chemistry classes

Dawn Gregor is heating up the climate on campus, teaching Chemistry Honors and AP Chemistry after holding a similar position at American Heritage School in Plantation for 21 years.

“Adapting to the West Shore environment is easy to me because it is very similar to my past school ,” Gregor said. “The students work ethic is identical here as it was at my previous school [American Heritage].”

Gregor’s way of teaching chemistry honors class has shown some students a new approach in problem-solving.

“Her class is rigorous but shows me what I am doing wrong with chemistry which helps me problem solve at a higher level,” Tenley Paul (10) said. “The workload she gives is a large amount, but it definitely helps with learning the information.”

Gregor shows a positive attitude about being new at West Shore,  she realizes what comes with being a new AP teacher.

“Being a new teacher on campus is a high expectation,” Gregor said. “Every day is a great day, if you have a positive attitude.”

By Zachary Rowe