N.H.S. members to tutor seventh-graders

National Honor Society members will tutor seventh-graders in any subject starting in October, according to club sponsor Missy Henderson. The tutoring will take place in room 4-205.

“I might tutor the seventh graders, I haven’t decided yet,” senior Katelyn Kent said. “I would probably tutor in math or English because the skills you use in math or English you use all throughout high school, but things you learn in seventh- grade history you might forget by the time you’re a senior.”

Kent, along with many other students, has been a member of a National Honor Society since she first came to West Shore.

“I have been in N.J.H.S. seventh eighth and ninth grade, and I have been in N.H.S. for 10th, 11th and 12th grade,” she said.

Along with tutoring, N.H.S. has another event coming up. Inductions will take place on Nov. 3 in the auditorium at 6 p.m. Eighty-three students have applied to join N.H.S., according to Henderson.

By Hannah Kent