MU Alpha Theta tunes up for competition

Members of  MU Alpha Theta continue to prepare for the Dec. 12 Florida Mathlete competition by practicing problems beyond calculus.

“We did really well in the first competition,” junior Srimayi Tenali said. “We have been all working really hard at every practice and we should be able to win this one.”

The team scored well overall at the last competition, but senior Michael Greenleaf carried the team with his perfect score.

“I don’t really prepare for these things,” Greenleaf said. “It just comes naturally. I think I would wreck this one like I did with the last.”

This is the last competition of any kind that the team will attend in 2014. After winter break, the MU Alpha Theta has a short period of time to practice before going to the main competitions in Orlando.

By Trung Van