Mu Alpha Theta members await test results

Jackson Stradtmann

Thoughts of failure echo in the minds of Mu Alpha Theta members after taking the AMC 10 and 12 tests on Tuesday. 

“I’d genuinely be happy if I got more than three questions right on my AMC 12b,” said senior Kelsi  Minter. “I saw the first question and thought the test would be rather easy, but every question after that just seemed to get more and more difficult and confusing. I’ve never been that perplexed before by a math test.”

Due to points awarded for leaving questions blank, Minter said she finished the test with an abundance of unanswered questions.

“Since you’re awarded six points for a right answer and one and a half points for leaving a question blank, I ended up leaving so many blank just because I had no clue as to what the questions were asking,” Minter said. “For me, guessing the right answer wasn’t worth the risk because any of the answers could have been right as far as I’m concerned.”

With students who expect high results, anxiety builds as students await their scores.

“Honestly, I’d say I’m pretty strong in math and with that, I set rather high standards for myself,” junior Jack Zhao said. “I want to score well because I know that I’m capable of doing so, but that test was super-hard so I’m scared of my score.”

The students taking this year’s AMC have overall been quite perplexed at the difficulty of this year’s questions.

“Last year, the AMC was pretty hard, but it was definitely not as bad as the one we just took,” Zhao said. “I don’t know why it was 20 times harder all of a sudden, but it was and I’m clueless as to why.”

For students who maybe didn’t score well on AMC, more Mu Alpha Theta events await as the year progresses.

“If I didn’t do well on this one test, it’s not the complete end of the world as we know it,” Minter said. “Mu Alpha Theta has many more events to participate in which will give me another chance to excel.”

By Jackson Stradtmann