MS girls reflect on their season

The middle-school girls’ basketball team concluded its season last week. The team had nine losses and one victory. Of the 12 girls on the team, six played the first and third quarters and the other six played the second and fourth quarters. Despite losses, the girls remained optimistic about their season.

“It sucked to lose,” Cameron C. (7) said. “But I got to make some great new friends and play the game I love.”

The girls were aware of what went wrong during the season and are hoping to improve on their mistakes for next season.

“We needed to make better decisions when passing the ball,” Cameron said. “We would make bad passes that lead to the other team scoring. Knowing what I did wrong this season will help me fix those errors and fix them for next season.”

This was the last middle school season for the eighth-graders on the team. 

“High school will be a lot harder than in middle school. The girls are a lot bigger and much better,” Jalynn J (8) said. “I’m going to go to a camp that my coach recommended to get prepared for the much harder competition.”

By Jesse Bratman