Matoska replaces Ladd on science research team


Ella Dorfman, Staff Writer

Science research teachers Rebecca Matoska and Mary Schropp are monitoring this year’s COVID-19 protocols in preparation for the first in-person science fair since 2020.

Paula Ladd, one of the previous science research teachers, retired last year, leaving Matoska to help students prepare for the Brevard South Science Fair, which has been scheduled for Feb. 10-12. The location is still to be decided. Students from nine  schools will compete for awards and recognition.

“Ms. Ladd had tons of experience with research and was extremely intelligent, so I am glad I am next to Ms. Schropp, who also has years of experience,” Matoska said. “I am checking in with her about what the precedent is for certain things, that way we are consistent with what we can do for students.” 

Before becoming a teacher, Matoska worked in Maryland to help make protein-based cancer therapeutic drugs.  

“I would hope [that my experience would provide an edge to my teaching],” Matoska said. “I can answer a lot of questions about research protocol. Most of the time, if I cannot answer something, it is about what we are allowed to do within the confines of a science fair.”

Motoska remains hopeful for an in-person science fair.

“It is a fluid situation at the moment,” she said. “I have no idea, to be honest. Things could change if it [COVID-19] gets worse.”