Lunch trash draws complaints

Complaints have been sent in regarding the mess outside the science building each day following Power Hour.

“When I came in this morning, I stepped over a lot of trash that had blown in around the elevator,” science teacher Linda Johnson said. “I think it’s mostly middle school kids eating on the chess board and by the solar panel tables, but seriously there is too much lunch trash out there.”

Sophomore Lucia Carcieri said students need to take care of their own trash.

“I feel that people need to clean up after themselves,” she said. “This is high school, and they should be responsible enough to do so.”

Johnson said the mess is emblematic of a larger issue.

“It’s nasty and it’s above and beyond the call of duty for the custodians,” Johnson said. “This is a respect issue.  The longer you take to address it, the harder it gets to change it, in my humble opinion.”

By Sarah Edmiston