Lifter bouncing back from injury

After coming back from a painful hip injury, sophomore Jacob Kent is starting to rebuild and train again.

“Jacob is one of our top three lifters, but he is coming off that hip injury,” Coach Spero Tshontikidis said. “He is climbing up very fast though. He is not where he was, but he is getting there.” 

Kent said returning to health has been a struggle.

“Recovering from it was hard because I had to take a month off of anything that engages my abdominal muscles, which is mainly everything. Now I feel good and everything is basically healed up,” said Kent, who has been lifting for about three weeks. “It has set me back in all three lifts [bench-press , squat and deadlifts] a little bit because you lose muscle when you take time off, but I am getting close to where I was when I left off.”

By Michael Lucente