Latin students garner awards at Forum

The Latin students participated in FJCL State Latin Forum in Orlando on April 5. Out of the 17 students that attended, 10 won individual events.

Freshman Michael Weatherby placed second and freshman Brandon Rabel placed fourth in Models.

“I built an aquaduct,” Weatherby said. “It carried water from a mountain to a reservoir. The water was stored in the reservoir and flowed out into the filtration tank and into a fountain. This water recycled back to the mountain.”

In the Textiles division, sophomore Laura Rantanen placed eighth while sophomore Ashlyn Kellner placed 10th.

“I embroidered the Latin saying ‘may the Earth rest lightly on you’ onto a special cloth,” Kellner said. “I spent 32 hours on this project so I am glad that all of my hard work paid off.”

Freshman Jimmy Greathouse placed ninth in Drawings.

Junior Talin Handa was a part of the advanced level open Certamen championship team.

“I placed first in my brain bowl competition,” Handa said. “Our team had a lot of strong players in each aspect of the challenge.”

Eighth-grader Alexander S. placed seventh in Latin Literature, while eighth-grader Cole Y. placed sixth in Miscellaneous and sophomore Haley Yorio placed 10th.

Editor’s note: Brevard Public Schools policy prohibits the inclusion of middle-schoolers’ last name on its web sites.