Lacrosse players celebrate at banquet

Following the end of the season, the boys’ and girls’ lacrosse teams came together to celebrate the occasion with a banquet featuring a large self-serve taco bar in the school cafeteria. As players dined and conversed with one another, a slideshow of photographs from throughout the season played in the background.

“The banquet was really nice this year. You could tell the boosters and the parents put a lot of thought into it and really cared about us,” senior Wesley Dennis said. “It was a great way to end the season.”

For decorations, each tables held little bags of candy kept closed by a cardboard note reading “West Shore Lacrosse.”

“I thought it was actually really put together. I know the location of the cafeteria isn’t the most fancy, but its a lot easier and cheaper so we can spend more money on things like better food,” junior Zoe Moore said. “I thought all the decorations were really cute, especially the little candy bags.”

The banquet provided a way to take one good look back on the season and also gave coaches an opportunity to recognize their players.

“The banquet was overall a really good way to end the season. The slideshow of the pictures from throughout the season were fun to look at,” senior Ryan Rosering said “Overall, the food was pretty good and it was nice.”

By Zane Sanders