Key Club rolls out two projects

Key Club has kicked off a new year with the project UNICEF. The club is working to raise money for The Eliminate Project.

“UNICEF is working with Key Club through The Eliminate Project to eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus,” president Daphna Krause said. “I hope that [the UNICEF project] will be successful because it’s such a good cause to donate to and this is one of Key Club’s annual projects. UNICEF helps so many people all around the world, the least we can do is to help them.”

Key Club already has upcoming events planned.

“After UNICEF we will be working on raising the money needed to plant flowers around the school [for the school beautification project],” Krause said.

Club sponsor Jessica McKeever said the beautification project coming up is important to the club.

“They are trying to basically beautify the grounds of our school,” she said.  “So they are looking to plant plants around the outside and in between the buildings of the school. That is going to be their big project of the year.”

If you would like to help with planting flowers around the school, contact McKeever in Room 15-104.

By Jessica Knowles