JV girls tie Satellite 0-0

The girls’ junior varsity soccer team played Satellite to a scoreless time Tuesday. Due to temperatures  being in the mid-to low 40s, the players may have had difficulty maintaining focus.

“Everyone wore like undershirts,” Kate B. (8) said. “When people were on the bench, they wore hoodies and blankets”

Kate said the teams were evenly matched. 

“The other team was pretty good, and we could have won,” she said. “The wind was awful, so that played a big part.”

London B. (8) refused to blame the weather.

“We passed well, but didn’t follow shots,” she said. “We didn’t even take that many shots.

Satellite was also able to find some chances, but West Shore’s keeper was able to keep them in the game.

“At the end when they had the wind they had a few good shots,” Kate said. “Our keeper had some good saves.”

By Cannon Hester

Editor’s note: Brevard Public Schools policy prohibits the inclusion of middle-schoolers’ last names on district-sponsored websites.